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Maidenhead Aquatics - Sevenoaks

Maidenhead Aquatics at Polhill Garden Centre is the perfect place to visit for the avid outdoor fish keeper, with a fish house containing a 12,000 litre koi pond and boasting fish up to 85cm. A unique glass viewing window gives customers a rare view into a koi pond. Further enjoyment can be had by feeding the fish, with portions of food available to buy from the dispenser.

Smaller koi are also available from six glass koi stock tanks. Maidenhead Aquatics also offers a huge outdoor section including normal pond fish, performed fish ponds, pond liners, pond plants, waterfalls and water features.

Maidenhead Aquatics cater for a large range of tropical fish, from the more common fish species to the advanced, including a number of rare “L-number” catfish in over 150 well-stocked tanks. A wide variety of aquariums and accessories are also available.

The Polhill Garden Centre branch of Maidenhead Aquatics also offers well-represented tropical marine fish and invertebrates in store, boasting a 180cm tropical saltwater aquarium and a well-stock invert system of which holds a 180cm coral tray and 20 systemised fish tanks.

With a wide range of equipment for marine hobbyists and cold-water enthusiasts, Maidenhead Aquatics have fish ranging from ornamental goldfish to a selection of smaller temperate fish and loaches.

Opening Times

Monday- Saturday 9:00-17:30

Sunday 10:30-16:30