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Gardening Guide - June

Top Tips...

  • Spray roses to control pests and diseases with a product such as Multirose 3-in-1 or Roseclear
  • Visit Polhill to purchase ready planted baskets and containers for instant colour
  • Feed tomato plants once a week as soon as fruits have formed with Tomorite
  • Prune Spring flowering shrubs such as spiraeas and berberis

General Gardening...

  • To keep weeds to a minimum, hoe borders regularly
  • Watering is essential. The best time to do this is early evening when it is cooler in order to avoid evaporation as much as possible
  • Pinch outside shoots on tomatoes
  • Harvest vegetables including lettuce, radish and early potatoes
  • Position summer hanging baskets in containers outside
  • Plant out summer bedding and half-hardy annuals. Mid-month: Feed bedding annuals with a liquid feed such as Miracle-Gro liquid feed
  • Feed roses with a good granular fertiliser such as Toprose
  • Take tall or floppy plants
  • Prune Spring Flowering Shrubs
  • The lawn will require weekly cutting. If you have added any chemicals to your lawn do not add the cuttings to the compost heap. REMEMBER your lawn is the biggest plant in the garden and should be cared for just as much as your beds or pots
  • Dampen your compost heap if it is drying out due to the warmer weather. this will speed up the composting process
  • To improve the quality of your strawberries lay straw around them and feed with a high potash food. Ensure they are well watered during dry spells

In the greenhouse...

  • Shade greenhouses to prevent plants scorching, use a shade paint or green house shading for best results. In particularly hot weather, open any windows or vents and dampen the floor to cool and humidify
  • To control white fly, grow extra basil in pots, once well covered with the pest, remove and dispose of the plant
  • Feed plants at least weekly
  • Use biological control or fumigate against pests
  • Remove side shoots from tomatoes (not the bush varieties)
  • Continue training and feeding cucumbers and melons
  • Pick males flowers from cucumbers and pollinate female flowers

Wildlife gardening...

  • Top up bird feeders. Sunflower hearts are perfect for this
  • Ensure the bird bath is regularly refilled
  • Trim hedges less frequently. This will allow wildlife to find shelter from the heat as well as nest
  • Put up a nesting box. You may get lucky and be able to watch the first flights of young fledglings
  • Do not disturb any nesting birds
  • Lay food out for hedgehogs. They enjoy dog food of any variety except chicken
  • Use slug control products to ensure the welfare of your plants
  • Mow down spring flowers

Water gardening and ponds...

  • Continue feeding fish in the pond
  • Remove blanket weed with a net or by twirling around a stick
  • Check for blocked pump filters
  • Thin out or divide excessive new growth of aquatic plants. Feed large aquatic plants by inserting slow release fertiliser well below the soil line
  • Keep ponds and water features topped up
  • Cover or use safety grills on ponds in gardens where young children play


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