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Gardening Guide - April

Top Tips...

  • Purchase new season Alpines.
  • Plant trees and shrubs - improve the soil with tree and shrub compost.
  • where aphids become a problem, spray insecticides such as Provado Ultimate Bug Killer

General Gardening

  • Keep weeds under control and continue to mulch the garden with well rotted manure and compost
  • Lightly fork over borders to remove weeds, but take care not to damage any emerging herbaceous plants
  • Remove faded flowers on bulbs. Wait until the leaves of daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs have gone brown before you cut them off
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs and tubers such as dahlias
  • Protect fruit blossom from late frosts. Camellia and Magnolia buds will also need frost protection. Use garden fleece to do this on any late frosty nights
  • Tie in climbing and rambling roses. Spray roses if necessary to control pests and diseases with Multirose 3-in-1 or Roseclear
  • Sow hardy annuals and herb seeds
  • Start to feed citrus plants with BabyBio Citrus Food or Chempak Summer Citrus Feed
  • Increase the water given to houseplants. Repot houseplants where necessary
  • Feed hungry shrubs and roses with something such as Organic Chicken Manure Pellets, Toprose or Miracle-Gro Rose Plus
  • Sow new lawns or repair bare patches
  • Prune fig trees
  • Divide bamboos and waterlilies
  • Fertilise the lawn or use a combined weed and feed product such as Evergreen Complete 4-in-1 or Westland Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer. Mow it as often as required.
  • Strawberry plants may be planted
  • Use slug and snail control to protect the new shoots of plants
  • Clean paths and patio areas so that they look good and are not slippery. There are specific path and patio cleaners available.

In the greenhouse...

  • Plant Tomatoes, Aubergines and Peppers in unheated greenhouses. Remember to cover them with horticultural fleece on cold nights
  • Sow half-hardy bedding plants in trays. When the seedlings are large enough hand prick them out into individual pots or space out in seed trays
  • Plant up hanging baskets with fuchsias and tender perennials and hang them in the greenhouse to develop
  • Plant begonia tubers in the greenhouse. Make sure they are planted with the concave surface uppermost and just cover with compost. Pot on as the plants grow

Wildlife gardening...

  • Top up bird feeders and put out food on the ground and bird table
  • Avoid chunky foods that could choke young fledglings i.e. whole peanuts
  • Keep the bird bath topped up and clean
  • Put up a bat nesting box
  • Plant annuals and perennials to attract insects
  • Put out log, twig and/or rock piles to create shelter for wildlife
  • Sow or plant a wildflower meadow, and mow newly established meadows
  • Buy and hang a bee nesting box

Water gardening and ponds...

  • Feed fish if they are near the surface
  • Plant water lilies or other pond plants once the water starts to warm up
  • Divide or cut back marginal and bog garden plants if overcrowded
  • Contain vigorous pond perennials by planting them in aquatic plant baskets and topping with a layer of gravel to prevent fish stirring up the compost


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