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Top 5 Tips for Refreshing your Garden before Summer

With the summer months getting ever closer, spending time outdoors is becoming more likely, whether that means BBQs, parties or simply gardening. Prepare for the hot weather and alfresco way of living by refreshing your garden before the summer months hit.

We’ve put together our top 5 tips for revitalising your outdoor area in time for Summer 2018.

Mow your Lawn and Keep It Tidy

Ensuring your garden is kept tidy will give it the wow-factor. You can keep your garden under control and tidy at all times by mowing it often, rather than doing one big mow after winter. Mow the lawn as high as your mower allows, use a trimmer to tidy up any bits of unruly grass around the edges of your garden, and finish off by treating your lawn with a product such as Westland Aftercut All in One. Watch out for any flower beds!

Protect your Allotment Area

Whether you grow your own produce all year round or are giving it a go for summer, it’s important to keep the areas protected. You can do this by opting for a shading to cool and protect the younger and more fragile seeds. If weather is particularly dry you should ensure your produce is getting enough water and that you are harvesting it regularly.

Remove Old Plants and Plant some New

You can revive your garden quickly and easily by ensuring all dying or dead plants are removed properly. You’ll be surprised how refreshed the garden will instantly look, and you can bring it to life further with a range of colourful flowers that will bloom in time for the hotter months. Remember to water them through often and they should last you through the season and beyond.

De-Weeding is Important

It is hugely important to remove and kill weeds in your garden as they can rob your soil and plants from important nutrients and water- not to mention aesthetic reasons. Some weeds can also release chemicals that are harmful to surrounding plants, so it’s vital to ensure they have been removed before you plant your summer flowers. You can hand weed or, if your beds have suitable spacings between plants, using Weedol weed killer will give you great results. However, it is important that it is only used on weeds to avoid losing any fantastic spring blooms. Always remember to wear gloves when using weed killer; we have a fantastic range of Briers gardening gloves to suit all.

Make the Most of the Area

Whether your garden is big or small, you can ensure you make the most of the area by purchasing new furniture, garden equipment and plants to go in the space. If you like playing host at parties, comfy garden seating is the perfect choice, along with a big BBQ or firepit to keep your guests fed and warm into the evening.

At Polhill, we have a fantastic range of gardening products, plants, seasonal essentials and outdoor living products available now. To find out more about how we can help you refresh and revitalise your summer garden, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Polhill team by giving us a call on 01959 534212 or via our contact page.