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How to Care for Wild Birds in your Garden

Watching wild birds gather in our gardens is one of life’s many pleasures. They are simply beautiful and can be fascinating to watch. We can encourage wild birds into our garden by caring for them in several ways.

Whether you have a big or small garden, you can give wild birds a helping hand. Here are our top tips for caring for wild birds in your garden.

Research the Birds

What birds are coming in to your garden? Take note of what they look like and do some research online. Different species of birds eat different things. For example, sparrows prefer to eat seeds whilst robins prefer fruit.

Give Birds Leftovers…

Some of the food we eat as humans can also be good for birds. Fruit cake, mince pies, fruit, nuts and even small bits of cheese are enjoyed by many birds. Top Tip: sprinkling grated cheese in hidden areas like under trees and bushes is ideal for shyer birds!

… But not all Leftovers

Not all human foods are good for birds, so be careful in what you give them. Some simple researching will be able to help you, but birds probably won’t want anything sticky as it can stick to their feathers. Too much salt is also poisonous to smaller birds, so steer clear from that, too!

Put Fresh Water in Bird Baths

Ensure you put fresh water into your bird bath every day. This is sure to attract many different bird species as they all need to drink and bathe, even when it is cold. Even if you don’t have a bird bath, why not use a bucket or upturned bin lid?

Clean Bird Feeders and Tables

Bird feeders and tables that are not regularly cleaned can quickly spread diseases. All you need is some soap and water or a diluted bleach solution to keep your birds healthy and happy, or you can put feeders in dishwashers on a hot setting.

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